• Image of Sixes: Methistopheles

Release date: May 19th at 3PM EST.

After trudging their way through Anaheim’s backyard scene, this long awaited release has proven that Sixes will be a force to be reckoned with in 2018. Recorded deep in the snow covered mountains of Southern California at 13 O’ Clock Studios, during one of the coldest winters California has seen in a long time, A Cross To Burn captures the essence of what blackened doom is, and will be to come.

This quartet was formed in 2016 and quickly got to work laying down their unique brand of doom, using unconventional amplifier and cabinet combinations to create unique tones that make this band stand at the forefront of what California doom is all about. Expect to see a lot more from Sixes in 2018, as this is only the beginning.

Side A:
1 - Acid God
2 - A Cross To Burn
Side B:
3 - Fogbreather
4 - Methistopheles
5 - Motherless

Comes with digital download code including the track "Voidkiller"
Gatefold jacket and lyric insert.

Review taken from theobelisk.net

Listen to Sixes at sixesdoom.bandcamp.com

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